LENNY PURDIE PHOTOGRAPHY: I like to shoot people

About Us

Hi, my name is Lenny Purdie. This is where I'm supposed to brag about myself but that's not who I am.  My work should speak for itself.  However, if you want to learn a little about me, here are some things you might not know:

  •  I'm a regular guy from Torrington, CT.
  •   I grew up in Watertown, CT..
  •   I don't have any kids but do have a dog and cat..
  •   My wife thinks I love the dog (Monty) more than her....
  •   ...I don't (but he is a close second)..
  •   I don't really drink but when I do, I only like single malt scotch..
  •   I'm addicted to energy drinks..
  •   The only concert I've ever been to is Jewel...twice..
  •   In my free time I love to binge watch TV shows..
  •   Did I mention I'm addicted to energy drinks?.
  •   Photography school?  Nope.  Just a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and a little cursing along the way..
  •   I feel life is too short too short to take yourself seriously..
  •   I love to teach..
  •   I do what I love and I love being a photographer..

Also on staff is my loyal companion. I've been trying to teach him how to edit photos but it's not working out well. He blames it on the fact he can't see in 2D and is color blind. I think he's lazy and would rather spend the day getting his belly rubbed...

Hi, my name is Monty. 

  •  If you come to the office I'll be there.  Unless you're scared of dogs, then the guy down the hall will watch me.
  •   Don't let my big head scare you, I'm the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.
  •   I'll eat ANYTHING but I really love celery.  More specifically, the heart of the celery.
  •   I think I might be adopted.  I don't look like my brother, mommy or daddy.  
  •   My life is great.  I have another dog to play with at "work", then when I go home I get to chase the cat.
  •   Not sure what dad is talking about but he tells me that he loves me more than anyone else.
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