LENNY PURDIE PHOTOGRAPHY: I like to shoot people
Lenny Purdie Photography is located in Torrington, CT.  We perform a wide range of professional photography services and can meet the photographic need of both commercial and private customers.

Whether it's family, pet, maternity, headshots or any other form of portrait photography, Lenny Purdie Photography can help. I shoot both in studio and on location. This allows not only a large variety of looks but having a studio permits us to shoot year around regardless of time of day or weather.

Commercial / Product

High-quality photography is often the very first thing that prospective clients or customers see about your business. Don't settle for meritocracy when it comes to marketing your business. If your company needs the very best, Lenny Purdie Photography will meet your needs and be able to work within deadlines.

Art Reproduction

If you need a 3D piece of art photographed or high-quality copy work, we can deliver what you need.  When it comes to reproduction work, everything is photographed under controlled lighting, with custom color profiles and with the help of a motorized nodal tripod head, we can deliver images over 200Mp.  


I LOVE photography and the only thing better is sharing that love with others. Every month we have new workshops going on. Some workshops are designed for the new photographer and some are designed for more accomplished photographers focusing on a specific subject.

Chromakey (green screen)
Chromakey gets a bad name because of poor technique.  When the background is improperly lit, green spills on the subject and looks horrible.  But when done correctly, it can really speed up the time in post when doing composites or when you need a transparent background.  That savings in time, saves you money and offers you more options when you use the image.  The image below was part of a series of images to show off the pearl necklace.  The company wanted to show the model in a variety of locations while being active.  That was easily done in studio, even with the transparencyof the water and water bottle allowing the background to show through.